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The next two months I’m buying nothing new.

I’m going to challenge myself that over the course of the next two months I will not buy anything new. Now obviously I will have to still buy things ( a girl needs food and the house is always in a state of diy). So I’m going to lay out a few ground rules for myself. 

1. NO NEW CLOTHES WHATSOEVER. Okay, I understand this one sounds a little brutal (especially for someone like me who has an unhealthy obsession with f21) but it needs to be the most important one I follow. I have way too many clothes and I’m running out of space. Also, financially I really shouldn’t be spending any more money on clothes that  I don’t need. There is only one catch to this rule and that is if I ABSOLUTELY need it. There is a wedding coming up that I will have to purchase a new dress and most likely shoes for. Also, sandals BUT ONLY if they break (which if you know me could very well happen). 

2. NO NEW UNNECESSARY HOME GOODS.  Those clearance throw pillows calling my name at target? Yeah, I don’t really need them. Bath and Body works candles on sale for 2 for 22 again PLUS I have a coupon? Yup, still don’t need those either (the glade 2.99 candles will do just fine).  Since I am constantly working on my house (we have only lived here since august) there will be some exceptions to this rule. One: Connor MUST agree that we need whatever said home good I think we need. Two: It must serve a practical and useful purpose in our home. WE DO NOT NEED ANY MORE STUFF STUFF. 

3.  NO TAKE OUT OR FAST FOOD.  I know how to cook. I buy groceries every week. There should be no reason that Con and I get take out or fast food (unless there is a legit reason and just like the rule above Con MUST agree). Most of the time when I don’t cook it is because I am feeling lazy or the biggest of all reasons is I HATE DISHES (I don’t own a dishwasher and it’s tres annoying). But I need to work on washing the dishes more often and not letting them pile up. And if I don’t let the dishes pile up then I will most likely want to cook a dinner.  Alas, parting ways with Chipotle will be hard but it needs to be done. 

4. DO SPEND MONEY ON FUN THINGS.  Fixing my bike? Yes,  I should be spending money on that. After all it will lead to many super fun bike rides on the trails. Going out for drinks with friends? Yes, it is okay to spend a little money on drinks (just don’t go overboard, 4 dollar beers are just fine and you only need two anyway).  Birthday dinners, brunch and other random meals out with friends are fine too! I just need to be mindful of my spending.  

5. SAVE SAVE SAVE.  Any money “leftover” should be put into my savings account. After all, the more money I save the closer I can be to going on fun adventures around the world.

The biggest thing is not to kick myself if I mess up. It’s a learning experience and will be difficult but I am ready for the challenge. So here goes nothing… 

I know who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then. Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass (via fieurs)

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